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"Big 'D', Little 'i', Big 'N', Little 'ial'"

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Welcome to dinial, the FIRST LiveJournal community created specifically for the NCIS Season 5 finale. We've created dinial (No, that's NOT a spelling error! "Big 'D', little 'i', big 'N', little 'ial'!") to help fans deal with the loss of one of the NCIS Team Members! Feel free to join and post your pre- and post-finale thoughts/comments/opinions. The only thing we ask is that you PLEASE put all spoilers (or possible spoilers) under a cut!


*This is a mature community, but be advised- We do not allow any material rated NC-17.
*Keep it canon! Enough said. :)
*Graphics and fanfiction (Even picspam stories!) are more than welcome!
*Season 5 Finale fiction is welcome! We strongly encourage you to write and post your pre-finale and post-finale fics, including alternate endings (I.E. Your own take on which character will die and how, an ending where none of the main characters exit, etc.) and how you think the team will react next season. All fics must go under a cut! Be creative!
*Graphics can be icons, wallpapers, fan art, blinkies, etc. We'd love to see your work!
*NCIS news IS welcome, but please, if it's spoilery, be kind to everyone and put it under a cut. :)
*No drama will be tolerated. If you are caught causing any problems, we'll put a warrant out for your arrest and you'll be banned from the community. Play nice and keep the headslapping to a minimum. ;)
*As long as it's NCIS/Tony DiNozzo/Michael Weatherly related, it's welcome here!


*Fics can simply be a scene or you can write an entire episode. :)
*If you are posting your stories, please use this template before putting your fics under a cut:


*Please post ONLY NCIS-related icons.
*No multifandom posts are permitted.
*When posting icons, you may display up to 3 teasers, but please put more than 3 icons under a cut.
*If posting wallpapers or fan art, please post a thumbnail image link of your work. More than 3 images (including thumbnails) must go under a cut. (See a pattern here?) ;)


*When posting entries, please tag them! The list of permitted tags are as followed: Drabble, Fics, Graphics, Icons, Pics, Spoilers. Please do not use any other tags unless granted permission. :)

*-*Important HTML*-*

*Need help editing your post??


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*Your moderators/maintainers are:

*abe16kidbosco @ stokesgraphicz

*We are proud Affiliates with:

*The dinial layout was created by fueschgast!

*If you have any ideas for the community, feel free to contact one of your mods! Like what you see? Don't like what you see? Think we should change something? Let us know!

*Just remember... Life's more fun living in dinial! ;)